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1225 North Loop West, # 950
Houston, TX 77008-1888
(713) 880-2600

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Please contact Irma Davila,, with employment inquiries.

Download Employment Application Form (PDF)

Customer Support Technician:

Job Description & Requirements:
The successful candidate will handle help desk calls, set up and maintain computerized password files, analyze databases, and troubleshoot hardware and software issues. The candidate will be a non-smoker, quick learner who can communicate clearly, possess a strong work ethic, strong PC and typing skills; attention to detail and the ability to multi-task and stay focused are required.

Referral Fee: Title Data will pay a $500 referral fee for referring a successful candidate, provided that the referrer's name is entered into the "Referred By" section of our Employment Application. The referral fee is paid after the new employee has completed the New Employee Introductory Period [the first day of the calendar month following the completion of 90 calendar days of continuous employment].

Salary Range: $30,000+ a year.