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Title Plants

Today, Title Data's Texas title plants cover the Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, El Paso and San Antonio metropolitan areas, a population of some 22 million Texans spread across an area larger than the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island combined. 

Title Data's title plants are of the traditional, "thick plant" variety, built and maintained by reviewing every page of every real property document. They contain more than 300 million records, indexing documents comprising a county's official records, probate documents and civil court suits, the district clerk's civil court suits, and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court's cases. The oldest computerized geographic index records begin 1902, with imaged backplant tract book pages dating back to 1836.

In addition to traditional name and geographically-indexed data, Title Data makes available to its customers county grantor/grantee indexes (some dating back to 1837), central appraisal district appraisal rolls, and the Specially Designated Nationals/Foreign Sanctions Evaders lists. All of this information is available on-line, most of it integrated with digital images of the corresponding document.

Tomorrow, Title Data's Texas title plants are expanding to the remainder of the state's metropolitan areas, some 38 counties and 22 million Texans in all. View a list of Title Data's counties.

Access to Title Data's records and information is available by subscription. For more information please email Jay Sibley at, or call 713/880-2600.

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Real Property Documents

While an index to documents filed in a county's real property records begins the title search process, an image of the document is often required to complete a title examination. Beginning 1999 Title Data augmented its deep textual databases with digital images of documents filed in a county's official records, map records and condominium records, all linked to the corresponding title plant index record, just a click away from on-screen display or print. In addition, Title Data's 20,000+ proprietary acreage maps are all on-line, indexed to their appropriate tract or survey. Today, Title Data's on-line Image Library contains over one billion images, dating back to 1837.

Real Property Documents Available (Images)
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Court Documents

While an index to documents filed with the probate courts, county civil courts and state district civil and family courts is necessary to alert a user that a court matter may affect title to real property or impact a party's ability to consummate a pending real estate transaction, copies of the case documents are often required to complete a title examination. Beginning 2008 Title Data augmented its deep textual databases with digital images of documents filed with many of the probate courts, county civil courts and state district civil and family courts in the counties for which Title Data maintains title plants. This product is called the Court Docket and Document System, or CDDS for short.

Court Docket and Document System (CDDS) Court Documents Available CDDS: Frequently Asked Questions

Starters (Priors)

Title Data is one of the nation's leaders in loading digital copies of title insurance commitments and policies into its online Image Library, fully linked to the corresponding parcel in the geographic portion of the Title Plant. Over 5 million commitments and policies are just a click away. Title Data makes a county's digital commitments and policies available to all customers subscribing to that county's Title Plant. The availability of these digital commitments and policies can be a tremendous help to title companies who do their own title work, as it shortcuts the search and examination process.

Market Share

Title Data prepares, each month, title company market share reports for the 9 Houston-area, 2 Corpus Christi-area and 6 San Antonio-area counties for which TDI maintains title plants. Market share reports are posted to the Support section of this website. A customer is able to view and print market share reports for the last 24 months for each Houston-area, Corpus Christi-area and San Antonio-area county under subscription, plus the All Counties report. In addition, customers can create customized market share reports, by zip code and on the fly, for those areas under subscription. Title Data plans to eventually produce market share reports for all of its 38 counties.