Title Data assigns individual passwords to users authorized by Title Data to access and use a Title Plant. To obtain a password, the prospective password holder must complete an Access and Use Agreement, the customer's manager or title department manager must complete a Password Request Form, and both forms must be submitted to Title Data for approval. To learn more please see our Password Procedures.

Abstract Plant Information Form

In order to become licensed as a Texas title insurance agent (or add a county to an existing license) the Texas Department of Insurance requires a copy of the fully executed title plant subscription agreement and an Abstract Plant Information form for each county. The Department uses the Abstract Plant Information to determine if the title plant (what the Department calls an "abstract plant") complies with the Department's definition for a title plant, as set forth in Procedural Rule 12 ("P-12").

Title Data pre-populates that portion of the Abstract Plant Information form which describes the title plant, including current plant date. All Title Data's customer has to do before submitting the form to the Texas Department of Insurance is add the name and address of the title agency to the top of the form, sign the form and, have the underwriter sign the form.

To request a partially completed Abstract Plant Information form, please click below. The form or forms will normally be furnished to you, by e-mail, within a few hours.

Hours and Holiday Information

For the convenience of our customers, we publish our System and Customer Support Operating Hours. In addition to that, we publish our Holiday Schedule along with the Holiday Schedules for the County Clerk office’s representing the counties we serve.

NPPI Privacy and Security

The security of the Non-public Personal Information (NPPI) Title Data collects from its customers and their employees is very important to us. Title Data maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in order to protect and maintain the confidentiality of NPPI. Please click on the link below to view a copy of Title Data's NPPI Privacy and Security Policy.

Commitment Cover Letter

All Title Insurance Commitments must have a cover sheet attached containing language prescribed by Title Data. The following letter provides the specific language required.